Why Choose Realistic Pilates?

Realistic Pilates was founded in the year 2000 by  Fiona Brown. Combining her extensive practical experience in the fitness industry, with the traditional discipline of Pilates, Fiona and her team have devised an accessible, dynamic and contemporary approach to Pilates Body Conditioning. Pilates is a method of body conditioning, which was developed over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates.

The Realistic Pilates Team encourage their clients to develop a healthy self-image, through the development of better posture, proper co-ordination, breathing and improved flexibility. As a direct result of our innovative approach, clients often experience improvements in confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness resulting in a new zest for life!

Our expertise in teaching multi-level classes in the Fitness Industry enables us to bring the same successful approach to Realistic Pilates.

At first glance, Realistic Pilates may seem to be a gentle and easy form of exercise; however its combination of strengthening and mobility moves can create a very intense and highly beneficial workout. High fitness levels or great suppleness are not a necessary pre-requisite for Pilates. In fact, Realistic Pilates enhances both of these conditions, whilst strengthening the ‘core muscles’ within the torso. Realistic Pilates also develops breathing control, co-ordination and stability of the body, changing muscle lengths, relaxing and re-balancing the body.

The Realistic Pilates team are all fully trained Pilates Instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience. For rehabilitation after injury or for more individual attention, one to one sessions are highly recommended, please send a text message or  phone 07480 492 435 for further details.

The teachers at Realistic Pilates are very friendly, professional and welcoming. My posture has improved and I am at least a half inch taller since beginning classes 8 weeks ago.

Joan F